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About us

A Bit About Us

Here at Advanced Show Solutions we believe we are in the people business, not just the event production business. Our job is to make sure your event is amazing and that your guests have the time of their lives. Our core value is excellence in entertainment. No detail is too small for our team.

We are a total video and lighting systems integrator and event production supplier. We make sure you have the lights, sound, video, and systems you need to put on a professional quality show that will thrill your guests. Advanced Show Solutions is based in Raleigh, NC and have proudly served our area for over 14 years.

Our three most popular services are:

Advanced Game Trailer

Outdoor Movies of NC 

Live Sound and Video 


Advanced Show Solutions is also the parent company of Foto Boothz and Dance Craze.

We have assembled a complete engineering team that is up to solving any technical challenge and has a combined 25 years of industry experience. Our team has engineered systems for houses of worship, concerts, music festivals, corporate events, school events, and major community events.

We bring the same level of professionalism and attention to detail to a small backyard party that we do to a large music festival. Because we are in the people business, we are obsessed with making sure the sound and video for your event is perfect. We want you and your guests always remember how much you enjoyed any event we are involved in.

Call us to learn more about how we can help you create the best, most professional event possible.

You can reach us at 877-395-4886 or you can contact us through our website

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