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Let Us Help You Attract Great Sponsors for Your Next Event

Big Screen Advertising Gets Results

Planning and executing successful events is expensive. We understand that you need all the help you can get in covering large technology costs and other expenses related to hosting a major event. That’s why we help you attract great sponsors for your events.

Before your next movie night or other event where you use our 30-foot touring quality movie screen we will put together a high-quality advertiser or sponsor slideshow. Everyone in the venue will be able to see your sponsors message. This type of focused advertising is valuable to many major sponsors.

You can use our sponsor slideshow production service to help attract sponsors who want to reach your audience and are willing to pay for that access.

How Our Advertising Service Works

Our team will produce a high-quality slideshow or video prominently featuring your sponsor or sponsors and their message. We will make sure the slideshow plays prior to the screening of a movie or before the main portion of your event begins.

Your sponsors get to show their community spirit, share their message with a large audience, and you get help paying for the event. Everyone wins.

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