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OSP PRO19 16 Space ATA Mixer/Amp Rack & Standing Lids


16 space rack with 2 table attachments and tilt adjustable mixer rack.

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The PRO19 mixer amp rack case is the perfect mobile sound system solution. The case is constructed of 3/8″ plywood, features high-impact ball corners, aluminum edge trim, front and back rack rails, heavy duty 4″ easy glide casters, and recessed spring-loaded handles. This mix/amp case also features a 10-space adjustable tilt mixer rack on the top as well as 2 attachable, standing-lid tables that provide over 10.5 ft of table/workspace real-estate.

Features and Specifications:

  • Rugged 3/8″ Plywood with Black Laminate
  • Tongue and Groove Metal Railing with High-Impact Ball Corners
  • Industrial-Grade Rivets, Latches & Spring-Loaded Handles
  • 16-Space Rack & (2) Attachable Standing Lid Tables
  • Heavy Duty Soft-Glide Industrial Casters (2 locking)

Product Dimensions and Weight:

Full Outside Dimensions (includes allowances for casters, ball corners & feet as applicable):

  • 21.75″(W) x 43″(H) x 28.5″(D)

Product Weight:

  • 103.5 lbs

Shipping Dimensions and Weight

  • 24.5″(W) x 40.25″(H) x 31.25″(D) 

  • 117 lbs

For over a decade, OSP has been providing quality cases for affordable prices. Whether you’re rolling into a different arena every night, setting up and tearing down a portable church every Sunday, or simply taking your amp across town for this week’s gig, you’ll find an OSP case to be a perfect companion for keeping your gear safe during transport.

Additional information

Weight 117 lbs
Dimensions 41 × 31 × 24 in


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