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Advanced Game Trailer

The Ultimate Mobile Gaming Theater:

Imagine stepping into a room filled with 50-inch 4K UHD TVs, connected to the latest consoles and custom-built, high-end gaming PCs. The custom lighting and audio are all state of the art. Everything is wired for tournament style LAN play, multiplayer action, and HTC Vive Virtual Reality.

Now imagine that this gaming paradise is mobile and can be parked just about anywhere you want.

The Advanced Game Trailer Truck is every gamer’s fantasy. A portable gaming theater like no other. The trailer boasts six of the 50-inch 4K UHD TVs, four inside and two outside.

Best of all, Advanced Game Trailer is green—this solar powered mobile gaming theater can run for up to 12-hours without any sunlight or being plugged in.

When the Advanced Game Trailer rolls up to a venue, everyone comes to check it out.

Perfect for Large and Small Events

The Advanced Game Trailer is the perfect way to host a tournament or as a draw to your corporate or community event. We deliver the trailer, provide all the technical support, and even provide referees. People can’t resist the fully equipped Advanced Game Trailer.

Some of the events we specialize in include:


The Advanced Game Trailer is the best children’s (or adult) birthday attraction of all-time. When our mobile game theater rolls up in front of your house, your child will be the envy of everyone in the neighborhood. Kids will love playing any console on six different, huge 50-inch screens. Everything is connected together so up to six people can play the same game together or your guests can play up to six different games at the same time. The trailer comes equipped with these consoles:

  • Xbox One
  • Xbox 360
  • Playstation 3
  • Playstation 4
  • Nintendo Wii
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Custom gaming PCs
  • HTC Vive Virtual Reality
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Group of kids having fun at birthday party


The internet makes it easy to connect with friends over video games. But, the Advanced Game Trailer lets you hang out with your friends in the same room where you are dishing out the beat-downs. We can help you host a small tournament with friends or a large tournament for the entire community. All consoles and computers and connected to a LAN. We turn video games into the ultimate entertainment experience.

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eGames Tournaments

Grand Openings • Corporate Events

You want to create excitement for your event and draw in crowds of people. The Advanced Game Trailer is guaranteed to grab the attention of your customers and generate positive buzz for your event. Give your customers one more reason to turn out to your event.

Our mobile gaming theater is a crowd pleaser and a great way to show your customers you know how to throw a party.

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