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Outdoor Movies of North Carolina

Outdoor Movies

There is something magical about the movies. We allow you to enjoy the movies like you never have before. Our tour quality, 30-foot screen allows you to see movies outside with a brighter screen and indoor-theater quality audio. Advances Show Solutions proudly operates Outdoor Movies of NC. We are the premier full-service outdoor movie experience.

We Bring the Movies to You

Our portable, 30-foot pop-up movie screen can be transported to just about any outdoor venue. We bring the movies to you at the park, poolside, in your backyard, on the football field, or anywhere else you can imagine.

We provide all of the technical support and setup for your movie event. Our team not only has the best technical skills and knowledge, but they also offer you and your guests a superior customer service experience.

Perfect for Large and Small

 Our giant screen is perfect for large events, but it is also great for small backyard parties. We bring our tour-quality equipment to groups as small as 20 to groups of 3,000 or more.

With our cutting-edge technology, we are able to present far more than just movies.

Some of the events we specialize in include:

We can help you bring a live broadcast to your next event. Whether you want to host a party for the big game, an Oscar viewing party, or any other live broadcast, we can help.

Our team can setup and facilitate broadcasts over satellite, OTA, fiber, or the internet. We can even help you secure any special licenses you need.

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Are you hosting a party for between 20 to 200 people? Our small broadcast package is perfect for you. We take care of all of the technical setup and support to make sure everyone at your party sees a perfect picture and enjoys high-quality sound. Whether you are throwing a block party or a backyard birthday party, we will bring the movies to you.

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Are you hosting something big? We can help you by setting up a high-quality outdoor movie experience for crowds from 300 to 3,000 people, or more. Our screen is the same quality you find on screens used by large music tours. Our expert technical team will make sure the screen and the sound system are setup to deliver a theater-quality experience outdoors. Advanced Show Solutions team members remain on site to make sure your event goes off without a hitch.

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Are you hosting a concert of presentation? With IMAG, our live video magnification service you can make sure the event looks professional and that everyone in the crowd can see all of the important action happening gup on stage. With IMAG we zoom into the performer or presenter’s face to make everyone feel like they are sitting in the front row. We also take care to makes the audio for the event it top-notch.

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When it comes to movies and video games, bigger is better! If you are looking for a fun activity for a community event or birthday party, consider allowing your guests to play video games on the big screen. We turn playing video games into a life changing experience. Like all of our other service, we not only make sure the picture is bright and clear, but also make sure the sound is just as crisp.

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Do you need some help paying for your event? We can help. Our team of video production professionals can put together a sponsor slideshow to play before your movie or live event. Sponsors love knowing that the crowd will see their message in a professional presentation and you will love having help paying for the costs of your event.

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We have the same professional sound and video equipment used by the big broadcast companies. We can help turn community events and concerts into professional-quality shows. We bring our years of live event experience, cutting-edge technology, and technical expertise to elevate the quality of your event. We see to every technical detail from live video magnification to the audio quality to the event lighting. Our team takes care of the setup and constantly monitors everything during the event to make sure everything stays on track.

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