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Professional Quality Live Sound and Video Production

Make Sure Your Next Live Event Looks Great and Sounds Great

Live events like concerts, presentations, and dances are hard to pull off. There are a lot of variables that can go wrong. That’s why you need a professional team on your side.

We provide full-service live event production services and direct-to-consumer rentals of professional touring quality audio and video equipment. We make sure that your guests are able to hear and see everything happening on stage and that everyone comes away from your event thrilled about their experience.

We not only obsess over the technical aspects of each part of the live event, but we also remain focused on providing the best overall experience for your guests.

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Why Trust Your Live Sound and Video to Advanced Show Solutions?

Advanced Show Solutions has over 14 years of experience producing high-quality live events. We have state-of-the-art sound systems video equipment. We use the same equipment used by major broadcasting companies.

Our team has engineered systems for houses of worship, concerts, music festivals, corporate events, school events, and major community events. We know everything there is to know about setting up live sound and video equipment for every kind of event and every kind of venue.

We have equipment you won’t find anywhere else, such as our professional touring quality 30-foot movie screen, and theater quality sound system.

If you have any questions about what your event requires from a live sound and video perspective call us today at 877-395-4886.

You will find not only do we have an incredible team of technical experts, everyone at Advanced Show Solutions is dedicated to providing the best customer service.

You can rent equipment from us at our Raleigh, NC location or we can bring the equipment to your venue, set it up, and provide technical support during your event.

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